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 I am Alicia Lynn and I am a Central Florida based photographer, specializing in Weddings, engagements, portraits, fine arts and more since 2010. I think it all started somewhere when I was a kid with a camera though…I loved riding my bicycle to the nearest Eckerds (my heart smiles if you remember those) to get my film developed and thinking how it felt like Christmas every time. Then after my pictures were developed I would stock up on more film and take pictures of everything possible.

I received a BA in photography at UCF (Southeast Center for Photographic Studies). When it comes to what I like to photograph, I love LIGHTS and everything lovely. I have a thing for light fractures and cinematic like pictures. I enjoy gardening, adventure, cooking/baking, traveling, quilting and spending time with my boys. I have worked alongside some amazing photographers!  I also served our country in the United States Army for 5 years, so I may have a tough side to me.   ;)

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