Back to the basics and Discovery | Alicia Lynn Photography

So you ever get the feeling that your creative side is just stale and lacking something? Yea well thats me on the daily... I always feel like I need to do something, make something, create something, grow something, cook something... however there is this thing called motherhood that gets in the way sometimes and you just have to make use of what you have. 

I have been doing a little late night researching on the good old inter-web for some inspirations, ideas, thoughts and so forth... and what would you know but all of the things I thought I couldn't do have been sitting in my camera bag the whole time!

I figure my best test subjects are the tiny people that live in my house aka our 1 year old son Kalel and our 4 year old nephew Colton. I swear it is a lot harder than it seems to actually experiment some ideas on these two wild boys but catching them in their prime element is actually the easiest way to accomplish this. I used a little free-lensing and prisming today and here are my results.... enjoy :)