Someday... in late December 2016 | Alicia Lynn Photography

I'm not going to lie.. motherhood can be rough on your creative side. I am pretty sure LIFE in general can be rough on your creative side... all those DIY post... things  you thought you would create, ideas you keep in your head... ERmaHGawSH. LIFE! Gets in the way. 

However I am thrilled about my new birthday toy and I just HAVE to break this baby in. I really don't feel validated if I don't make use of the time and tools that I have if it is something particular to my life IE: children, cooking, photographing, work.....the list really goes on. 

Sooo since this time of year some of us (myself) aren't too in a rush to take those Christmas trees down, and honestly since  Christmas is my birthday I really don't mind having decorations up for an extra week or two.... Well just enjoy that I got to grab a few moments to capture my life and the moments (my little people) in it. :)