Engagement Session St. Augustine FL | Karisa + Aaron

A moody engagement session in St. Augustine FL. 

Look at this moody feel engagement session in St. Augustine FL with Karisa and Aaron. I firstly need to say that of all the many time since childhood that I have yet to actually take pictures there! So this was a really awesome first for me and for Karisa and Aaron since it is also a huge staple of memory in their lives. I was so pleased when we got there because although the skies were a bit overcast it was perfect weather for us to trek the fort. I certainly love a good hike and it was breathtaking to see it under such a dramatic sky. Karisa and Aaron are such a lovely couple, Karisa has an amazing charisma and Aaron is a perfect attribute to her. They go together like a sweet tune! As we walked through the historic downtown part of St. Augustine, it was fun that they could point out some awesome places that they love. They told me they love to go to St. Augustine every few months and have stayed a weekend there. How great would that be!? A wonderful weekend strolling through the shops open to viewing as you walk by and smelling the wonderful smells of all the unique eateries. Oh and the food! If you have a chance to ever go to St. Augustine be sure to stay for a good lunch or dinner. It is a meal to remember! I had such a wonderful time photographing Karisa and Aaron at St. Augustine and I can not wait until their wedding in January!