Wedding at Gemini Springs State Park | Paula + Jim

An Intimate wedding at Gemini Springs State Park. 

OK so oh my goodness let’s talk about Paula and Jim’s intimate wedding at Gemini Springs in DeBary Florida. I love when I have the honor of being able to photograph small intimate weddings. There is such a feel for love that surrounds you and the closeness of family being together. This wedding had some unique table pieces and small items that were very DIY as you can see in these images. There were subtle hints of pinks, purple and even dark brown that gave it a very light Fall feel. The bridal party ensemble was simple and casual. The men wore platted shirt with brown vests and the women wore pink mid drift flowing dresses. A little bit of country and class mixed together. All the flower pieces were light and airy, a little bit of a different feel for the typical fall wedding. Paula and Jim have such a unique feeling between them and they were very easy-going about trucking through the semi marshy land that the recent hurricane had still left some damage. As you can see in these pictures not everything has turned brown yet for the fall weather and there were even some luscious green leaves that were still in bloom. And oh my goodness the sunshine! Yes the sunshine is what makes bridal portrait sessions everything. This wedding had such a laid-back feel that you could just sit there and feel at home if you were to take a seat with any of the guest at any table. I hope you enjoy these images just as much as I did taking them and they give you a feel for how Fall is still beautiful in Florida