Wedding at MOAS in Daytona Beach FL | Nichole + Chris

This cosmic wedding at MOAS in Daytona Beach FL!

This Cosmic wedding at MOAS in Daytona Beach FL of Nichole and Chris. WOW. I really really really hold this wedding dear to my celestial being because I love everything to do with stars and moons and space. The fact that Nichole and Chris hired me to solely take pictures of portraits for my time being was such an amazing time for me. I mean seriously though, lets be honest. The detail pictures are great but what more fun then to take pictures of the couple for most of your time you are hired?! Back in the day, if you think about it, or maybe you can recall looking back at your ancestors wedding photographs... there was no "getting ready" shots, or detail images. There was just maybe some ceremony pictures, family portraits and bridal portraits. That was maybe 2-3 hours worth of photography. Talk about how times change! So when I finally met Nichole and Chris the day before their wedding to do the walk thought... and thank goodness I did because there is so many cool things to utilize for images at MOAS. I was excited and a little scared about photographing in a dwelling that displayed a GIANT moon as the setting for their moment of I DO. There was even some moon rock available by one of the museum staff members that we were able to incorperate into the photos! Everything about their wedding was set for a perfect cosmic moment in time that I just can not get over. OH AND another amazing thing that happened that night was the presence of the December super moon. If you are not sure what that is all about here is some 411:


Vendor Credits:

Venue: Moas

Catering: Marios Ormond Beach

Dress: Debra's Bridal

Flowers: Bellevue Florist

Coordinator: Tori Carta (MOAS)

Mensware: Men's Warehouse