Family Photography Ormond Beach FL | The Colby Family

So in love with how adorable these The Colby Family pictures came out right here in Ormond Beach FL

So lets just let out a big AWWWW for how adorable the pictures are of the Colby family session right here in Ormond Beach FL. I know you want to... just do it... ok. yessss. So the center of the stage of this blog is obviously cute adorable and cuddly little Leona! I personally know the Colby's and have been photographing milestones of their lives before marriage, during marriage, before baby and now after baby! I am so honored to be part of such an amazing life change. I love how close to home these images are for me, literally about a mile or so away from my house. I feel especially grateful to live so close to the beach side and to be able to take in some lovely weather on days like this. I know you must be wondering about how we got little Leona to stay so happy and cute in these images!? Well she is a natural! Although we did wear her out towards the end and she did fall into baby dream land, it still allowed us to capture some snapshots of her squishy sleeping baby face. I can not express how happy I am for Sarah and Mike for their new edition to their family and I wish many more blessings for their little family!