Happy Anniversary Anny + Jeff | The Plaza Resort and Spa Wedding Daytona Beach

Memories from a year ago of Anny and Jeff's wedding at The Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach Florida

Ah such sweet memories of a fabulous beach side wedding for Anny and Jeff at The Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach, FL. As you can see the wedding was a simple elegant and classic themed day and it was so much fun to be apart of! From Sparkled pointed heels and an elegant white wedding dress that Anny wore so well, to the colors of yellow, black and white. The beautiful white table linens adored with sparkling center pieces and the oh so pretty beach arch they got married under! Special thanks to Vows and Views for putting together such a gorgeous wedding! And of course how perfect was the weather! I myself live five minutes from the beach and some days the weather isn't always as perfect as it was for Anny and Jeff's wedding. So um yes....lets talk about their introduction though! I remember it as if it was just yesterday because they danced to a tune that melted my heart, and it was as if they were perfected choreographed dancers! I remember Anny and Jeff being such a unique flow of a couple, both are in the medical field and it was a delight to see Jeff being prior military like myself. The flow of their wedding had such a fun spin off both their personalities. Anny being of a hispanic decent, brought along the spicy Spanish side, which it was fun to interact with them because in our home we speak both Spanish and english! And Jeff having such a sweet goofy persona, the duo made this day a memorable one for sure! Head over to catch their engagement session from last year also, that was a blast taking place in Historic Downtown DeLand. Catch it HERE. Happy Anniversary you two!