Ormond Beach Family Photography | The Daugherty Family

An amazing summer Ormond Beach Family Photography session

How adorable is this family beach session in Ormond Beach?! I mean what is more adorable than a family of gingers too? Tiffany, Vince and Elis were all smiles and what made it so amazing was the pastel colors if the skies around them. When we met for this session baby Elis was still sleeping, as we approached the beach I remember suggesting to Tiffany that she should start to wake him up.... and OMG the cutest smile ever sparked his face to life when he realized we were standing on the beach. Ever since that moment for the rest of the session baby Elis was all smiles and giggles. I couldn't believe this little man had so much charm!  This spot is one of my favorite places to shoot family sessions because every evening its so different. The same place with a different color, vibe and feel. This time it was the most gorgeous pastel colors and when the sun was setting it decided to show off some of its rays too... which created a warm honey glow into the mix. Its a charming surprise every time I shoot here! It was a pleasure to photograph the Daugherty family and I look forward to many more sessions on the beachside!