Engagement at Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens | Malerie and Sam

Engagement at Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens

A huge yay for Malerie and Sam who had their engagement session at Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens. I loved everything about this session, especially that it included an adorable little man named Omarie! He is such a little stud! I was having a blast with him on the sidelines while I took pictures of his parents and he was such a doll. I found so much joy in getting to know this little dude and having such an honor taking his pictures too! As many of you know I LOVE shooting at the Ormond Gardens, not just because it is so close to my home but it is always unique every time I shoot there! I recall having my maternity photographs taken there a few years ago and its always been such a staple to my heart to go back to the gardens. Besides being so lovely its always so peaceful. When you step into the gardens you forget where you are and when you leave you forget where you came. Its a jewel! <3 Another happily ever after! Congrats to Malerie and Sam and safe travels to Vegas!