Cake Smash Session at Daytona Lagoon | Lucas's First Birthday

Take a look at this adorable cake smash session at Daytona Lagoon for Lucas's First Birthday!

A huge hip hip hurray for Lucas turning one and his awesome cake smash at The Daytona Lagoon for his first birthday! Everything about this was so adorbs! If you are a fan of babies getting messy for their first cake smash then everything about this shoot will melt your heart. It was like suspenseful movie in the making! As you can see Lucas started out nice and easy as he dove into his birthday cake... then as the the intensity built up he dove in even more... and then the finale was the face in the cake! OH YES. That has to be the best part of any one year olds first cake smash. The excitement on their face as they taste the sugary goodness and how it makes them change moods as if they were a different person suddenly. Oh the sugar rush. But seriously though how cute is this that it took place at a video arcade inside of The Daytona Lagoon! We had a few minutes when I arrived to get some candid shots of little Lucas making his round in the arcade to some cool games.... and to see the oh so pretty lights! Babies and lights... something you must watch... it is the most amusing thing to see! First birthday cake smashes are time sensitive and the trick to to time them right after a nap and to have a large amount of water ready to wash that cake covered baby! I hope you LOVE these pictures just as much as I did taking them! Yay for Lucas on his first birthday!