Wedding at the Ravine Garden State Park Palatka FL | Jessica + Charles

A lovely wedding at the Ravine Gardens State Park in Palatka Fl for Jessica and Charles! 

It was such an honor to photograph this wedding at the Ravine Gardens State Park in Palatka FL of Jessica and Charles! When we first arrived in Palatka we said... where is this place? If you have ever been to Palatka its a little out in the middle of Florida's no where but when we arrived we were in awe. I didn't quite know the grounds too well and I tried to explore the area as much as I could when we arrived. When we arrived the wedding was almost finished with the last touches to make it complete. I found out later that the bride planned all the decor herself too! (with help from her sidekicks) There was glitter.. and oh my goodness a giant LED sign reading the word LOVE. I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw that sign! I even made my other half strike a pose in front of it (for work purposes) When we were in the process of taking the creative bridal portraits the groom Charles showed us a hidden path that led us to an amazing bridge... I asked Jessica and Charles if they were up for a little adventure to assure she could take the hike in heels and sure enough... we did! We managed to get some breath taking images for their keepsakes and the ones you see on this blog. I just have to say that I am also thrilled because this was our first drone in flight wedding too. Well the Drone did have a little crash into some trees... (I will discuss the reasons in a later blog to access the issues with a GoPro Karma later) but we got some footage! To be seen soon... After hurricane IRMA passes and we can resume normal life. For now please enjoy this blog and take it all in.