Birthday party Rainbow park Ormond Beach | Marshall's fourth

A birthday party at Rainbow Park in Ormond Beach! 

A fun birthday party at Rainbow Park in Ormond Beach! I love everything about Rainbow Park in Ormond Beach. If you have not been to this lovely playground I suggest you take a trip with the kiddos or children relatives and have yourself some serious fun. Marshall's birthday party bash was themed around zombies... oh how much fun! There was even a hired pirate who put on a fabulous performance, made balloons and even face painted! I think thats a win win for all parents and kids at any birthday party. If you are a parent then you must know or are learning that birthday parties are some what of a hectic event to put together and if you don't have a playground for a home with an open space to occupy high energy toddlers then you may want to consider renting out a space at a local park. I have learned this from personal experience that when you combine sugar, fun and kids anything can happen that you probably don't  want to happen so it is the best advice that not doing this at your own home is right on. I do love that all the kids get the chance to run out their energy and of course when you hire an event entertainer if really helps things stay interesting and nobody is ever bored. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them! Happy fourth birthday to Marshall!