Adult Birthday Cake Smash Washington Oaks State Park | Jessica's 29th

An Adult Birthday Cake Smash at Washington Oaks State Park!

Here's to a trendy adult birthday cake smash at Washington Oaks State park for Jessica's 29th! I mean seriously you know you want one too! I know I sure do. This session has everything trendy and more, such as glitter, pink and bubbly! I met Jessica last summer when I had the honor to photograph her wedding to her now husband, and it was everything lovely just like her and her creative soul. Jessica made all the decor for her adult cake smash session just like she did for her wedding. Yes she's even a DIY mother to 3!!! How cool and awesome is she?! She told me she was going to be making her tutu as well, and as you can see its absolutely adorable! She even had someone make her this yummy pink rose patterned cake too! AND my favorite part was that we got to break out some glitter for this session along with poppin' a bottle! Now if you know anything about me you may know I have been called a glitter monster in my day due to my obsession with glitter. So when we were on the same page of releasing some glitter into the air I was like a kid in a candy shop. I think Jessica had way too much fun during her session from poppin' bubbly and blowin' glitter, I mean who wouldn't want to be in on such fun fit for a birthday princess?!