Billy's Tap Room & Grill Surprise Birthday in Ormond Beach | Maria's 89th

Billy's Tap Room & Grill Surprise Birthday in Ormond Beach.

All about Billy's Tap Room & Grill Birthday in Ormond Beach for Maria's 89th. I love when I get the chance to photograph these surprise birthday parties. Especially for the elderly. Maria was celebrating her 89th year of living and to me that is an amazing accomplishment! I think to be 89 and totally with it is the way we all want to be living. Maria's surprise birthday took place at Billy's Tap Room located in Ormond Beach. I live very close to this restaurant and I never expected it to be such a neat spot! I drive by this location quite a bit and it's on a busy intersection corner so you can't miss it if you live in Ormond on the beachside. From the outside it doesn't seem like much would be happening inside but little do you know! The food is absolutely mouth watering amazing. I am not much of a meat eater but this night I did partake of some animal foods and to much of my surprise it was everything I had hoped for. There is even a musician to entertain while you eat in the main dining room! Now let's talk about this awesome birthday party! It was not only a surprise but a small family reunion as well. I love being in the atmosphere of these gatherings because everyone is so happy to see each other and to reach out to one another in their fun loving jokes and laughter. Even one of Maria's grandchildren put on a magic show for everyone. I think these gatherings are super meaningful for you and me. Everyone was relieved that there was a professional (myself) photographer preset because it meant that they could put their cellphones away and actually enjoy each others company. If consider to put together one of these events, please consider hiring a professional photographer so that you can enjoy the evening carefree!