Intimate Ormond Beach Family Lifestyle Session | The Whippy Family

Intimate Ormond Beach Family Lifestyle Session.

Take a look at this intimate Ormond Beach Family Lifestyle Session with the Whippy Family. I love when I get the chance to do these type of sessions! Everything is super laid back about these sessions and there's something magical about clients opening up their home to be photographed inside of. It really shows their personalities more than just sitting on a bench in a park or under a tree outside somewhere. The Whippys have just welcomed their newborn son a few months prior to this session and its always such an honor to photograph families with such little infants in tow. As a mom I know how difficult to just get moving into the day with a newborn can be, they pretty much dictate how everything will go for your day. I love when I am able to chat with new moms too and give them encouragement and support, because Lord knows mom or not, we all need it. I sort of let the family just do their usual routines during these sessions and as you can see this one consisted of a lot of feeding, and a diaper change. The family fur baby was such a little super star too about being photographed! She really didn't mind the camera at all and was right on cue! I like to let families feel super relaxed as much as possible and not give them any threatening feeling about having someone photograph them in their own home. It really helps to be down to earth and even open up a little about myself to them. We are all human and human connection one way or another is what we crave from time to time. I hope you enjoy these images from this intimate family lifestyle session as much as I did taking them!