New Smyrna Sand Dunes Family Session | Pop of Color

New Smyrna Sand Dunes Family Session with a pop of color! 

New Smyrna Sand Dunes Family Session with a pop of color! I love love love the Rivers. I mean every shoot we do is so much fun no matter what the weather has held for us. I think we have had some rain for 2 shoots now and a little bit of cold weather too. I adore this session because it has a special member in this one. I think every family should have one, a nanny! She isn't just any random nanny though, she is also a good friend of the family. She is even responsible for the oh so cool wardrobe everyone was wearing. It started with the Dad's rad hawaiian shirt which is actually digi super mario characters. Seriously! wI believe it totally takes a village to raise children. It's hard no matter what anyone says to raise any age of child without a little help. Especially while they are young! The Rivers kids are so full of energy and so much fun to photograph, but sometimes one year olds can get a little cranky and tired if they are teething and haven't had a full nap of the day... but we managed to truck through it and in the end it made for some pretty awesome photos! I also love that the New Smyrna Beach Sand Dunes have a new look. The docks are all brand new wood and its pretty cool! If you're up for a good hike and some gorgeous beach views, let's schedule a shoot at the NSB dunes! I hope these pictures warm your heart as they do mine!