A Dreamy Session at Kelly Park Rock Springs Run | Danielle + Jim

A Dreamy Session at Kelly Park Rock Springs Run!  

A Dreamy Session at Kelly Park Rock Springs Run for Danielle and Jim. OMG. I was in for such a shock because this was my first time at Rock Springs. I have no idea to explain how magical this place is in other than pictures! The water is crystal clear, so clear its unreal. The way the trees shaded the springs just right made it even more romantic, in the middle of the day! This shoot was a special shoot for Danielle and Jim, to also commence Danielle's birthday. What other than a great way to celebrate your birthday with a photoshoot with the one you love most?! They were such troopers about getting into the springs other than reasons to swim, and to also be apart of the smoke bomb charades. When I tell couples about smoke bombs they are always super excited to let it happen, so it was pretty cool that we had a couple go arounds this session. I must explain that Danielle and Jim have been sweethearts for a pretty long time so they didn't have any issue with letting their chemistry flow in front of the camera. The fun part was getting the perfect splashes between them just right. Once you tell someone to splash someone else there is something comical about them knowing it is safe just for the camera, yet so cute. Did I also mention that Danielle is also one of my colleagues from photo college, and we work weddings together! WHat more fun to photograph a fellow photographer friend in such a beautiful Florida location! I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did taking them!