An intimate Newborn session in Downtown Orlando | Baby Ata

An intimate Newborn session in Downtown Orlando

An intimate Newborn session in Downtown Orlando featuring baby Ata. I get so overwhelmed with joy when I get the chance to photograph these little people. So fresh, new and everything lovely. I could spend hours putting them in different poses and outfits however it takes some time to get these little ones to sleep and be in a calm condition to be photographed. I had such a lovely time getting to know the parents of little Ata. It was such a delight to be welcomed into their home and to capture these stunning images of them containing a beautiful chemistry of new parent bliss and listening to their new parent experiences. The sleeplessness and overwhelming joy that a new parent experiences is something only understood by a fellow parent. I have tried to explain this to those not ready for the baby life but trust me its nothing you can explain. It's like living a dream for the first few weeks. The bliss and tiredness combined are so amazing. I wish the new parents much love and many blessings for their new baby boy! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them!