An intimate wedding at Gemini Springs Park | Cheyanne + Joe

An intimate wedding at Gemini Springs Park

An intimate wedding at Gemini Springs Park for Cheyanne and Joe. If you are into rainy days and lots of lovin' then this wedding has exactly that. I knew we were in for a fun treat when I realized that it was going to rain the entire two hours that I would be present for Cheyanne and Joe's wedding at Gemini Springs. I am a sucker for the rain though! When I have couples that are totally down to kick up their dress and pants and go truckin' through a little rain with me its everything a photographer could dream of! The rain is just so dreamy and not your average photo session! I even got to witness them saying I do in the rain under an umbrella, I mean seriously how romantic is that! As you can see in the images the guests seating was empty, that's because everyone was standing off to the sides under the cover to stay dry, but it was so unique to be photographing a wedding with the seats empty and the bride and groom getting married under the rain. Somewhat the most unique intimate wedding I've seen. I hope these images tickle your heart as much as they do mine, and you know I've heard that it's much harder to untie a wet knot than a dry one!

A little side note and insight on shooting in the rain. Seriously you may want to do some research and be ready because you can't stop to look this stuff up during your rainy session. Bring umrellas! For you and your subjects. They will be glad you did. Make sure you know what settings you want to shoot at for creative and portraits. I had a hard time in the beginning when I started shooting in the rain because I had no idea what settings were going to be the best fit for what I imagined in my head. If you have these settings in your head you are in for a real treat! Try to travel light. You are gonna be carrying your gear and umbrella. It's not easy to juggle all of this while shooting. Make sure the couple knows they are gonna get wet and to not be worried about a little rain. Try to make it fun, I like to make jokes and make my couples laugh, it always helps deter them from realizing we are basically playing in the rain. Lastly try not to take forever with making them pose for a shot. They will get more wet than they had planned. 

Congrats to Cheyanne and Joe!